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In this event series, we go behind-the-scenes on some of the most challenging and trailblazing projects our members have worked on. The project teams will reveal the real story behind the design and construction process; what worked well and key lessons learned from the experience.

The Glyndebourne Pavilion is a new sustainable events space for the Glyndebourne opera house estate, due to start construction this autumn. Elliott Wood has been working with Baker Brown Architects to design the pavilion using novel sustainable local materials including structural glulam from salvaged Ash felled on the estate, cladding made from discarded champagne corks from the opera festival goers, mycelium insulation grown in shipping containers on site, and wall tiles from waste oyster and lobster shells. The structure has also been designed for disassembly and reuse of materials, and Elliott Wood have been exploring the use of material passports to enable encourage the reuse of structural elements.

Join this See the Unseen event to hear about the challenges of designing with novel materials, and embedding circular economy principles into the design process.


Mark Goodbrand, Director
Elliott Wood

Sophie Collier, Engineer
Elliott Wood

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