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Using BIM to help deliver a circular economy

In our third session of the Bitesize BIM series, we will look at how Elliott Wood is promoting the use of buildings as material banks. They have been using Revit to measure the volumes of materials in existing buildings and showing on drawings how these materials can be reused on site. The purpose of the session is to demonstrate what is possible and get the message across that ‘unwanted’ materials should be kept in situ if possible. Alternatively, materials should be reused elsewhere on site or locally in construction (in their original form) which may mean storing these materials.

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Bitesize BIM session 1
Thursday 25th February
BIM Basics - what do you actually need to implement on a project?

Bitesize BIM session 2
Thursday 25th March
Smart buildings and utilising data and energy monitoring

Bitesize BIM session 3
Thursday 22nd April, 8.30am - 8.50am
Buildings as material banks

Bitesize BIM session 4
Thursday 13th May, 8.30am - 8.50am
Designing with sustainability and deconstruction in mind


Steve Faulkner, BIM Manager at Elliott Wood

Steve Faulkner has over 30 years of design and delivery experience, working with some of the biggest names in construction. He is chair of the Institute of Structural Engineers BIM panel and a member of the UK BIM Alliance engagement team. He is passionate about great design, the circular economy and believes that BIM can really drive the zero carbon agenda.

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