See the Unseen: Dinton Activity Centre In this event series, we go behind-the-scenes on some of the most challenging and trailblazing projects our members have worked on. The project teams will reveal the real story behind the design and construction process; what worked well and key lessons learned from the experience.

HLM Architects and RCDC MEP and Sustainability consultants will be giving a joint presentation on the new Dinton Activity Centre (DAC). Currently in the final stages of construction, DAC is predicted to be a truly net zero carbon building and is one of the LETI Pioneer projects. The scheme is being built by Reds10, a modular contractor, with over 85% of building having been constructed off site at the Reds10 factory. The Client for the project is Wokingham Borough Council (WBC).

HLM will be discussing how the design has developed from the concept stage to the final project, including how the net zero carbon elements have been at the heart of the design from the earliest stage. RCDC will then talk through their role,  focusing on how decisions were made to achieve net zero carbon status.


Vince Ruane is the Founder and Director of RCDC, an MEP and sustainability consultancy and a Member of The Building Society. RCDC is driven by three core principals: Sustainable, Digital, Innovative. These principals are applied to all projects to maximise sustainable outcomes.

Alex Pullin is HLM Architect's lead on the new Dinton Activity Centre building, having extensive experience designing for the education and leisure sectors. Alex is passionate about design that draws inspiration from their site-specific contexts and believes that sustainability should be a key principle for all projects.

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